Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Peanut's World.

 The Peanut got a camera attachment for her Leapster Explorer. I thought I would link a few of the important things she decided to capture.
Her clock ornament from Santa

A little attitude
The awesome reusable Tinkerbell stickers Gramma Terri sent work on windows, too!


This is my favorite. Very artistic.

It's OK to be a Girl.

 My Peanut has spent her day in touch with her girly side.  Last night she did her first project with her new sewing machine. Today she has watched Strawberry Shortcake, played with her Tinkerbell sticker book, and colored pretty pictures. All while wearing a cute skirt and top.  I made a comment to my husband that Peanut was being girly. He said, "There's nothing wrong with that"
  He's quite right. There isn't a thing wrong with being a girl. There's no reason to not like pink and lace and playing with dolls.  I socialize in many circles where being a girly girl is looked down upon. Like a girl or lady couldn't possibly be for equal gender rights if she likes to get her nails done and buy tons of shoes.
  I can't think of a single thing wrong with a woman CEO that likes to shop for adorable outfits or the gamer girl that collects Hello Kitty and only plays pixie healers cuz it's just cute!
  Personally, pink isn't for me. I rarely like sappy romantic movies, can't stand "Sex in the City" and have mild panic attacks if I spend too much time in the American Girl store. But I looooove shoes. I enjoy getting dressed up and looking cute on occasion.
  So I say, Ladies, go out and look adorable. Let your daughter play with a Barbie and pink Legos. Just don't forget to make sure your little girl knows she can do what ever she wants!
Here's The Peanut with the pillow she made! She insisted her new battle ax be part of the photo. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Randolph, The Yellow Blinking Butt Reindeer

  There's this thing going around about Santa's reindeer. You know, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and the crew. It points out that male reindeer lose their antlers in the winter, therefore Santa's fliers must be female. It's an incredibly silly argument. Santa's reindeer are how old? So at least 200 years old. Also, they fly. It is quite apparent these are not your run of the mill reindeer. Obviously magical.
  In other words, they are magical, immortal male reindeer that never lose their antlers and your "Santa's reindeer are female" statement is just silly.

This photo has nothing to do with my post. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my big 4 year old Peanut!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Smells of the Season

  Nothing reminds me of Christmas and specifically my childhood Christmases more than the smell of nutmeg.  It reminds me of sprinkling nutmeg on my eggnog, surreptitiously adding a splash of brandy while a cousin watched out for the adults. Then hanging out in the basement with all my cousins while we played with all our new stuff wearing all our new clothes tags still attached.
  What about you? Do you have a specific smell that reminds you a special time?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rant on Religion

I heard a saying a while back that someone used to describe their relationship with organized religion and it really struck me.  

I try to eat the fish without choking on the bones.  

I do believe there is a God, and I do believe that something happened 2000 or so years ago concerning a man named Jesus.  After that, my beliefs get kind of fuzzy.  The reasons I'm a little fuzzy on things are the typical reasons people like me use.  I feel the bible is a manipulation by man of the word of God and deeds of Jesus.  I'm put off by the amount of violence and war in the name of religion.  I'm especially put off by the amount of hate and prejudice brought by those who are doing so in the name of God.  Having been an active member in a Catholic school and church, I'm nauseated by those who use their positions in the church for power or influence.  From a small rural town, I shake my head at the social groups that form around each different denomination and especially so at how these social groups carry over into who their children play or associate with in our public school.  I wish these things didn't bother me, but they really do.  I wish I could be that faithful soul who would only say and do good and overlook the serious flaws in organized religion.  I wish I didn't roll my eyes at every "defend CHRISTmas" post on Facebook.  For the record, I'm defending to keep the holy in Happy Holidays, thank you very much.  

Do Christians really feel that threatened that they need to become militant about their faith?  Our original founding religious principals as a nation are being slowly molded from having the freedom to worship in how we chose to being only free to worship as a Christian.  Our country was founded on freedom of religion but it seems we're coming closer to being "free to be any type of Christian you prefer".  Until we as a nation recognizes that freedom of religion includes freedom from religion, we are no better than any other backward, repressed regime.  

Sometimes I think that God's plan all along was to have a bible that had conflicting statements, to have the world evolve and challenge some of the more staunchly held beliefs of religion, to have denominations splinter over the most arcane doctrine.  But then somewhere inside the book that holds some kernel of truth of the word of God, to offer one clear direction to those who consider themselves believers.  I really see that direction in John 13:34-35.  Paraphrased to it's simplicity here as:  Love one another.  And thru this love for one another, that is how all will know you are a disciple.  

I do wish I were one of the faithful who could eat the fish without choking on the bones.  But I believe that God has a plan for people like me, just like he has a plan for the most faithful.  If I am one where I am forced to look behind the curtain of dogma, then in my very small way I will carry with me the message of, love one another.  Peace to you all in this blessed holiday season.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas fun

  I made up a batch of cinnamon-applesauce dough for The Peanut. It's really easy. Just take one part cinnamon, one part applesauce and squish it together. You get a yummy smelling play-dough. The dough has a habit of turning your hands brown, but that's nothing a bit of soap and water won't cure.
  I recommend playing with the dough out in the open so everything smell all cinnamon-appley!
You can also use the dough to make ornaments. Just roll it out flat, cut into happy shapes, and let air dry. (or bake in the oven for 10-30 minutes at around 200 Fahrenheit)
  See, you don't need to buy expensive things to keep the kiddies happy!
Peanut and I waiting for the National Christmas Tree lighting to start! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lotion candles and crazy weather.

   It is the end of November and warm enough to play outside in short sleeves and bare legs! Peanut was spirited and full of extra energy this morning, so I took her to the park. For the entire time, I let her be the "boss." No saying no or hold on, or I'm going to watch you play. An hour and a half of climbing up and down the stairs, going down the slide, holding giant handfuls of wood chips, and being the bad dragon to be defeated.
  Not only did I get a good workout, Peanut had really enjoyed having some undivided attention.

  Then we went home to make lotion candles!!
 The supplies. 
1 part Beeswax
1 part Shea butter
1 part Avocado or Grapeseed oil
1 or 2 vitamin E capsules per candle/bar
soy candle wicks
small tin containers
small craft sticks

The stuff (not pictured, the craft sticks)

These are really easy to make. Just melt the wax and Shea butter together in a double boiler. Shea butter can get a little grainy, so I recommend melting the beeswax first, then stirring in the butter. 

Add the oil, pop a hole in the vitamin E capsule and squeeze that in, then add fragrance if you   like. 
After that you can pour the melted lotion into a mold or make lotion candles.  Peanut and I decided on candles. 

 I don't have a double boiler. So I adapt.

To use the lotion candles,  light the candle and let a little melt and use that as a massage oil. Or scrape a little bit off the top with a small stick and use the lotion. This stuff is all natural and a little goes a long way. It's great for around your cuticles and extra dry skin.

Monday, November 21, 2011


It sure has been quiet here at Singing Princess Astronaut.  This S.P.A. has been busy, busy with holiday prep and every day thingies.
Also, I am wearing my tiara RIGHT NOW

Thursday, November 10, 2011


The Muppets should host the 2012 Oscars! Who's with me?

A note: I haven't watched or cared about the Oscars since I was a kid. But I would totally be on board to watch if the Muppets hosted.

Monday, November 7, 2011

What it means to be a Singing Princess Astronaut

  This morning The Peanut and I were playing. She said, "Mommy, I'm a princess that is asleep. You have to kiss me to make me wake up. I'm Cinderella." I told her Cinderella was the one that had the evil step mom that locked her in the tower so she couldn't go to the ball. Snow White or Sleeping Beauty get put under sleeping spells.
  Peanut says, "OK. I'm Snow White. Kiss me awake." So I do. Then Peanut announces she's Cinderella. I'm the evil step mommy. I'm to lock her in the tower. I said, "And then your Fairy God Mother will come and help you get free?"
  Peanut says, "No. I don't need her to rescue me. I'm strong. I can do it myself!"

I love my kid.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's all about love.

  Sometimes motherhood is not showering for days, never going to the bathroom alone, and watching the same episode of Kipper 42 times in a row.
  Other times it is wearing a Gary the Snail headband to the grocery and not caring that people are staring.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just Pretending.

  At times I still feel like an awkward, too skinny, big breasted, teenager.  The girl that was just a bit too loud to cover the fact that she was so amazingly insecure. The one that stood in the shadows of friends hoping against hope to be noticed by the boys, but feeling to ugly to think they would take a second glance.  The girl that wore over-sized shirts to because she was so self conscious about her body.
  I feel like I'm not really a grown up and everyone around me knows it. That all the adults around me whisper behind their hands, "Who is she kidding?" I sit quietly in groups because I'm afraid when I speak I will sound just plain silly. It is  like I'm just pretending and any minute things will become clear.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cloud Dough

  Two posts in one day! I just had to share this. It's so much fun.

Cloud Dough! I got the idea from Pinterest. Or maybe it was StumbleUpon. I don't know.  Anyhoo.

  The recipe I found was probably posted by a preschool teacher because her portions were huge. I scaled my down a bit.

Original Recipe
8 cups flour
2 cups baby oil

This amount would be great for a sensory table/center. 

My Scaled Down Recipe
2 cups flour
8ish tablespoons baby oil

Just mix in enough baby oil so the flour sticks together when you form a ball.

See, the dough is still crumbly but holds its shape when molded.

Not only does it smell good, it feels silky. 
An egg! 
A note: I would not recommend this to kids under the age of three. Unless they are good about not putting things in their mouth. Baby oil isn't exactly non-toxic. Teachers, this really is a great sensory experience. I would put out things you can use to make molds. Cookie cutters, plastic Easter eggs, cups, whatever. 

Hey, Y'all, Watch This!

 Next time you're sitting around, browsing through Netflix streaming selection, I have just the movie for you! You need to watch The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu.

At this time I want to share how happy I am that my computer knows how to spell Cthulhu 

Longish post:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Faux Painted Portraits

  A couple posts back I blogged about a cute idea I saw to print a photo onto tissue paper, then Modge Podge that onto a canvas.  To make sure I give credit where it is due, here is the link to the blog
Sarah's Never_Ending Projects

  So, I decided to try it. First there was the paper jam, then the ripping, then smudging. For the safety of our printer, I decided to regroup and try something new. My genius idea was tracing paper. It worked! The only "issue" was the tracing paper was too wide to fit through the printer, so I trimmed it down.
The supplies. I didn't realize our printer was running out of colored ink, so it printed the photo with a green tint. I decided to go with it. 
The Peanut helped me spread a nice, even layer of Modge Podge. 
Not going to lie, getting the paper to lay smooth is not easy. 

Then I added a very thin layer of the Podge over the photo.  I decide the wrinkles in the photo make it look more like a real painting. 
And on the wall. The canvas is 5x5. I decide I'm going to make up a couple more and create a little wall mural thingie. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dangerously Close

So, I treated myself the other night. I did something that has only happened twice since having the Trex but I used to do all the time pre-pregnancy. It is slow and hot and just envelopes you in delicious sensations.

I took a bath.

Now, the house we bought has a death trap of a bath tub. Ignore the clutter and cleaning supplies but take a look:

See that step? The handicap pull bar for safety? The fact that you have to step up three feet then back down to get in? Yeah. Bleeding deathtrap.

But also notice: It's a jacuzzi tub. Yeah, I get excited just saying it. With the baby, house and move though, this was only the second time I've been able to use the jets. We plan on ripping all of that out, so I'm going to do my best to enjoy it while I can.

The main point of me taking a bath however is hair management. Shaving is something that's happened more often than bathing, but still less often than I'd like. Plus, I'm loathe to spend the money on razor heads, but if I cheap out, my legs pay the price. So expensive little Venus razor heads it is. The problem is that they remain sharp the first couple of trips, and then they tug, tear and burn their way through my leg hair like they're conquering a forest people. My skin is crazy sensitive, so I either have to hate how much I spend on razors or suffer perpetual razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Like all my awesomely bad ideas, this one started with a thought-"I wonder if Shaun's safety razor would work on legs?". If you don't know what I'm talking about, google safety razor. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Oh good, you're back. So yeah, safety razor? Razor blades. Housed in a little bit of metal. Inflexible razor head. Doesn't this seem like a good idea?

I totally did not crawl into the bath tub intending to use this obvious death device upon my person. Circumstances dictated extremes, however. I'd gone beyond stubble and into the territory of what can only be thought of as a "leg beard". A couple swipes with my good ole' half dull Venus razor was enough to let me know that I could shave my leg a couple inches at a time, pausing to clean the razor after every pass, or I, I really shouldn't.

But I did.


Once I recovered from the heart attack, I realized that my legs have never been smoother since my body began growing hair. Now, it's entirely possible that I terrified the hair into leaving, but I'm three days post shave and still damn near perfectly smooth. If you're a brave soul, I highly recommend trying a safety razor shave.

A couple of notes though:
#1. Do Not try to use it on the curvy parts of your leg. Remember that "inflexible head" part? Yeah. Avoid your knees and the backs of them.
#2. Shave in straight lines. Slowly. Carefully.
#3. Don't move.

I hold no liability for you bleeding out, however.

Monday, October 17, 2011

18 Year Old Me

I sometimes wonder what 18 year old me would think of 33 year old me. Would she be happy to see the sexy husband, the beautiful baby, and where life has taken us. Or would she be terrified that we became a stay home mom,  do homey type projects, and truly wished we could knit?

Eighteen year old me certainly didn't have life planned out. She had a vague idea of where she expected to be in 10+ plus years. She didn't see herself married. Not that she was against marriage, more she had a low self esteem and didn't think any one would want to marry her. She had a fuzzy vision of being a kindergarten teacher, living in a one bedroom apartment, maybe in Indianapolis, maybe not. Maybe a boyfriend, but it probably isn't serious.

Funny how life changes.

Yumminess I Had to Share!

  Here are a couple yummy, easy to make treats I wanted to share. Neither are healthy or remotely diet friendly. So if you want that, stop reading.

Evil Dip
2 eight ounce packages of cream cheese
1 sixteen ounce jar of your favorite salsa

Put everything in a big bowl. Mix until blended and smooth. Chill the dip in the refrigerator for a bit. Grab a bag of tortilla chips and devour. 
I suppose you could use low fat cream cheese and your own salsa, if so inclined. 

Looks weird, tastes awesome.

Oreo Bars
One package of Oreos
10 1/2 ounce bag of Marshmallows
3 tablespoons butter

Basically, you're making Rice Krispy treats with Oreos. Melt butter and marshmallows in a pan. Add crushed Oreos. Put in a pan, let cool, then eat. 

Cute Idea

  A couple days ago, I found a great blog with tons of cute projects. One was to print a photo onto tissue paper, then Modge Podge the photo onto a canvas. I didn't have a tissue or a canvas lying around. I do have a couple sheets of vellum paper. So I printed a black and white photo of The Peanut on a sheet of vellum. It turned out pretty neat.
I held the photo up to the sunlight so you can see how light shines through. I'm going to play around with this for a bit. I'm thinking maybe Modge Podge a photo onto a glass jar and put something pretty inside or a small strand of Christmas lights.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Late to the party and other rambles.

  I am officially hooked on Breaking Bad. I decided to watch an episode today out of boredom. I then spent the rest of the day having a Breaking Bad marathon. We (the husband and I) are halfway through season 2 now. Great show.
  I watched Mad Men, but just can't get into it. I feel like I'm missing out on something and will be viewed as odd for not liking the show. Oh well.
  Also, I'm glad I'm not a football fan, because my "team" kind of sucks this year.

Oh Yeah! Blog!

Hi everyone! I have been meaning to stop by and introduce myself and blog a little bit but wow, has life been busy! Before I make any serious posts though, I figured I would tell you all a little bit about myself and what I do.

Although I generally try to avoid anything with "Princess" in the title, when Becca asked for bloggers and explained exactly what a singing princess astronaut was, how could I resist? I love producing content and media and blogging is just another way to get a voice out there. Currently, I have one other major outlet, a daily (supposedly) podcast called 10 Minutes of Me, that is little more that what it says it it. The show runs anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes and the content is...well, whatever I think up right before I record. A word of warning, however-The show is explicit and does cover touchy subjects, including the acknowledgment that adults have sex. Fair warning.

Other than that, I'm currently unemployed/a business owner/ a stay at home mom, depending on if you're talking to my pride, CA EDD or my family. My husband and I run a business in Northern California, we just bought our first house this year and have a little baby boy, referred to as The Trex, who will be 10 months old October 21st and took his first steps last weekend. We have two crazy dogs, a full acre of land to mow, and something that has been stealing whole bird feeders from the house eves. All in all, we lead a pretty good, happy least when I'm not trying to do one million things and take care of the kid.

I'll probably blog about a multitude of things, from childcare to house projects, dog problems, my reluctance and corresponding desire to get another job, neighbors, and basically any topic or subject matter that comes to mind. Feel free to throw up any questions you may have, and I look forward to throwing up some more posts in the future!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bookery stuffs

  I'm late to the party, but am finally reading the Song of Fire and Ice books. I enjoyed "A Game of Thrones" but now that I'm a quarter way through "A Clash of Kings" my excitement is quickly dwindling. I find myself becoming annoyed by all the "extra" characters. There seems to be a lot of Genesis type of lineage crap to wade through. It doesn't seem the new and side characters really have anything to do with the main story line now, either.
  I will stick through to the end, because it's what I do. (Hey, I am almost finished with the Wheel of Time. So I can stay with a long winded series)
  Also, my favorite characters so far are Arya Stark, Jon Snow, and Tyrion Lannister.

P.S. No spoilers, please.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

  Here is something that bothers me a bit. Parents that constantly complain how their kids ruined their lives.  I'm not talking about the occasional lament of I'd like to go out to dinner alone with my husband, but can't find a baby sitter. I mean
*WHINE* Whoa is me, kids are expensive, I can't go out clubbing all night when ever I want. I have to be careful where my money goes and have to buy the kid clothes instead of buying myself something I don't need.
  I don't feel sorry for them. AT ALL. Raising kids is hard. You make sacrifices, Cow-girl up and act like a grown up. It isn't like it is a great secret that having a family changes your life. There are television shows, movies, books, even the Johnson&Johnson "Having a baby changes everything" commercials all about family life.
  When you plan to have a family, you know things will change. If you don't, well honestly, I find you rather silly. You may not know exactly what life will be, but you have a general idea.
  Here's my thought. Instead of focusing on what you lost, think about what you've gained. Embrace the new phase in your life and enjoy your family. Oh and get a baby sitter and go clubbing.  Nothing makes you appreciate your new life like seeing just how annoying the singles scene is now.

Random photo: The Peanut discovered she likes eel! The sushi chef was so shocked and impressed, he made Peanut her a special eel sushi roll. Free of charge!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Butterflies in the sky!

The Peanut and I made a pretty butterfly mobile. She's very proud of how pretty it is. We made coffee filter butterflies. Then Peanut found a cool stick and said we should hang our butterflies on it.  So I did. Then I hung the new mobile on her ceiling. Voilá, instant spring! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

On Geekery and It Getting Better

  Watching a talk show about bullying got me thinking about my childhood and my hope's for The Peanut's childhood. (The fact that I just admitted to watching a daytime talk show is a completely different story)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Hippie Ways

  No, I don't bathe in patchouli, wear prairie skirts, and not shave.  Really, it's more natural type of things.
  I only use shampoo and conditioner on my hair about once a week. Ew, right? Don't worry, I still clean my hair and scalp. Between shampoos I use baking soda and a vinegar. It started with me seeing a lot of things online about going "Shampoo Free" At first I thought, gross. Then I started thinking about how my hair has changed since having the Peanut. If I wash my hair every day, my scalp gets amazingly dry, itchy, and tight. If I wash it every other day, then it's all oily and icky. Washing my hair every day and half just seems silly. So I decided to try the 'poo free thing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I love my Peanut, that I get to stay home and take care of her, that I get to see her do all her amazing/wonderful/silly things.  
But sometimes I wish I could be alone for an entire day. Sometimes I just want her to let me do  what I need to do without having her right on top of me. Sometimes I want to go to the bathroom without "company." Sometimes I want to read a book without pictures and not have to stop to get a glass of juice. Sometimes I want to have a day that doesn't depend on the mood of another being. 
Then the guilt washes over. Sigh. 

Happiness and Gratitude

Life is hard and the world cruel.  No matter how wonderfully fantastic your life is, there will be times when the feeling of emptiness can creep into our lives.  As a upper middle class woman in the United States I think, thank God I don't have to carry water miles from a well, or search for firewood and risk rape or worse.  I have a roof over my head, hot and cold running water, why am I feeling empty? I think it's human nature that at times a darkness comes over us and discontentment rears it's ugly head.   I'm not talking about a clinical depression, but a short term black cloud that seems to hanging over us.  For me I've found, the best way to send that darkness away is to start counting my blessings.  I don't care what god you believe in, but I do mostly believe in the one God, but I'm not opposed to thinking that she's a woman.  Two messages of thankfulness came my way today.

Feel free to insert the deity of your choice for the word "god".  I'm not a terribly religious person.  All I know is that I am the most happy and at my personal best when I make a conscious decision to operate from a center of love and gratitude and forgiveness.  When I'm conscious of being thankful for the food that I really wasn't in the mood to cook for my family or for the ease of an automatic washer and dryer for the laundry that I reaaaallllyyy don't like doing,  it is these times that I know I am better able to handle a stubborn child or a cranky husband.

Now mind you, if I did wake up today and find myself with the things I thanked God for yesterday, I'd be hoping that coffee and chocolate would take me a long way.  So yesterday maybe I wasn't glowing with gratitude, and I might not be today either, but I am giving it serious consideration.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beautiful women...

I have a theory and I share it often with people I don't think will be offended by "grown up words". That theory is... wait for it... if you're offended by "grown up words" stop reading now... okay, here it is... For every beautiful woman, there's a man standing next to her that's tired of fucking her. That's right. Brad Pitt is tired of fucking Angelina Jolie. Jay-Z is tired of fucking Beyonce. Don't get me started on Tiger Woods. I'm not saying the reverse isn't true. Angie might roll her eyes and claim she has her period. Beyonce might pretend to be asleep. And don't get me started on Tiger Woods. My point here is not only the original point that for every beautiful woman, there's a man standing next to her that's tired of fucking her, but also to remind myself (and maybe you) that what looks like a perfect life probably isn't. We never know what goes on behind closed doors. That other mom/wife/daughter/sister/friend who has everything all together really doesn't. That woman who always looks immaculate isn't. Everyone has problems and when we measure ourselves against the imagined perfection of others, we'll always fail. You know what? I kind of like me. I'm judgemental and a bitch. I'm also fiercely loyal and loving. All in all, I'm not tired of fucking me.


In true Singing Princess Astronaut style, I did some house work wearing my tiara. Sometimes it's the little things that make life more fun.
Oh, I am also perfecting my left-handed chop stick using technique. Because I want to add ambidextrous chopstick use to the pointless skills list on my resume.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My first...

I'd like to thank Becca and Colleen for this invitation to the SPA blog.  We SPA'ers are an interesting bunch.  We can sing, are princesses (I'm sure there will be tiara photos somewhere) and could be astronauts, or anything else in this world that we would find it necessary to be.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Look at me! I'm blogging! This is so freaking fancy! All right. I'll rein in all the excitement. Well, not really at all because I want to talk about a Food Network and Cooking Channel "thing" I call the foodgasm. In case it's not self-evident, the foodgasm is when a tv chef/cook takes a bite of whatever they've just prepared and their eyes roll back in their heads. They put their head back a little bit and chew, with eyes closed and seemingly jizz in their pants. This is almost always followed by the words, "so good" (or some variation there of). I cook everyday (or nearly everyday). Sometimes new recipes, sometimes tried and true family favorites, but never anything that I think, "Hey, I'll bet this will make me experience a spontaneous orgasm". I get it, they're on tv and they're selling themselves, sometimes their product lines, and trying to stay on the air, but seriously. That cottage cheese pancake you just made was not THAT good.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your kid is obnoxious.

   I've said this publicly before, but that's not the point. Unless you are very close friend, I probably don't think your kid is cute and find him annoying. I'm going to brag a bit, but my kid is pretty fucking awesome. She's well behaved in public (most days). When she is being a brat, I take her away from public.
  I don't have to deal with screaming, crying, kicking, I'm spoiled rotten and get what ever I want tantrums. It's a combination of being a mom with a back bone and being blessed with a good kid.
  Back to other people's kids. Oh my gracious. I have no patience. NONE. Even when I can tell the kid has been brought up well and the parents are trying, I get annoyed at tantrums. When I hear that annoying, whiney, I'm not hurt cry I cringe.  I can tell the difference between the tantrum cries and the I'm hurt, tired, and/or hungry.
  All that being said, if a little one is being cute, sweet, or says hi I will be more than happy to say hi back. Cause kids can be pretty fun. Mine is just more fun.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shiny New Things

New things are coming to Singing Princess Astronaut. I can't wait! Keep checking back!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On this day.

Peanut and I watch some Sprout together this morning and a commercial for cake pop pan came on no less than 17 times. Peanut decided we NEEDED one. Instead, we are making our own cake pops. The Red Velvet cake is baking right now. Tonight we will start making up the pops. Pictures coming soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Toaster oven S'mores are AWESOME.
That is all

Almost 20 Questions (I think) you should ask when deciding on a preschool

   I am not a professional. I am a mom that worked as a preschool teacher for almost 8 years. I won't tell you the "right" answer, these are just things I think you should consider. You know the what is right for you and your little one. They are not in any special order of importance.

1. What kind of curriculum is taught?

2. Who writes the lesson plans? (Does the planner have any knowledge about early childhood education?)

3. How is the curriculum implemented? (If the school hires someone with a degree to write a curriculum,  but the teachers don't follow through or care, what's the point)

4. How much free time/outside/get your wiggles out each day? (cause kids need to wiggle.Being forced to sit all day is just not good, if you ask me)

5. How big are the classes, what is the kid to teacher ratio? (smaller is better, especially with little bitty ones)

6. Teacher turnover? (The longer the teachers have been there, the more likely they are happy. Which means happier kids. Trust me)

7. Do teachers have degrees or experience working with preschoolers? (having a degree isn't important, but experience really makes a difference. Sure the girl right out of high school is energetic, but she's also more likely to not have a handle on tough situations.)

8. If the preschool is at a church, how much is faith a part of the daily activities? (Faith is a very personal thing, make sure you are comfortable with what your little one may be learning)

9. Are meals or snacks served? What kind of food is served? Are you OK with what your child may eat? Find out the policy on allergies, especially peanuts.

10. Do they allow drop in visits or require you to make an appointment?( I would never, ever trust a school that made me call ahead to visit/check in on my Peanut. Makes you wonder if anything shady is going on.)

11. What kind of security procedures are in place? Are they doors locked so random strangers cannot come in? What about an emergency, such as a crazy gunman? Does the school have a plan?

12. What are the rules for sick children? Are they actually followed? (and PLEASE follow the rules. Don't take your sick kid to school)

13. Rules and procedures for problem children? (Sometimes there are children that just can't be in a group setting. It's sad, but the safety of your child is important)

14. Discipline. What do the teachers do when kids fight, throw tantrums, act like kids? Is it something you can agree with?

15. Is the place clean and organized? Does it smell nice? (There are times when kids get stinky, but if the place reeks, EWW)

16. How much media are the kids exposed to? Do the teachers put on a movie every day and let the class zone? (I let my little one watch movies at home, but if I'm paying, I expect her to be taught. Not sitting in front of the TV all day)

17. If you have a little one still in diapers, does the school provide them with tuition? (Diapers aren't cheap. If a school supplies them, it may make tuition higher. Something to keep in mind when comparing schools)

18. Finally, do you like the place? Would you be comfortable leaving you little one in the care of these people? 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Second Post!

  Yay. I'm typing.  Not much to blog about. Next week we take a family vacation to Indianapolis. Going to GenCon! Woot. 4 days of gaming and geekery. This is the second GenCon for The Peanut and I, E's first.  He isn't quite as excited as I am, but I know once he is surrounded by our "people" he will perk up.  
 We have a few home town friends to visit whilst we're in Indy and the family wants to see their grand daughter. I really hope we have time to see everyone we want.  Busy busy.

  We leave in a week. Lots to do to prepare. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

In Which I say Hello

  This is my blog. I do not expect you to find it interesting. I am not a writer. I do not share my feelings well. I keep this blog to sort my thoughts and remember something that happened. Sometimes, I may show off a fun project I did.

  I am a stay home mom, geek, Singing Princess Astronaut, wife. My favorite colors are red, silver, and purple.  I play table top roll playing games, World of Warcraft, and do other geeky things.

  The joy of my life is my family, my husband E and our beautiful 3 1/2 year old daughter,  The Peanut.

 Being a stay home mom does not mean I gave up my life to take care of my family. It means my family is my life. I am not setting the womens' lib movement back. Womens' liberation means I can CHOOSE to be a stay home mom, not that I have to be.

  I don't have a lot of close friends, the few I do consider close to me live in other states. In general, I get along with guys better. When you like the things I like, there just tend to be more guys about any way.

  So yeah. Hi. Welcome to my blog