Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's OK to be a Girl.

 My Peanut has spent her day in touch with her girly side.  Last night she did her first project with her new sewing machine. Today she has watched Strawberry Shortcake, played with her Tinkerbell sticker book, and colored pretty pictures. All while wearing a cute skirt and top.  I made a comment to my husband that Peanut was being girly. He said, "There's nothing wrong with that"
  He's quite right. There isn't a thing wrong with being a girl. There's no reason to not like pink and lace and playing with dolls.  I socialize in many circles where being a girly girl is looked down upon. Like a girl or lady couldn't possibly be for equal gender rights if she likes to get her nails done and buy tons of shoes.
  I can't think of a single thing wrong with a woman CEO that likes to shop for adorable outfits or the gamer girl that collects Hello Kitty and only plays pixie healers cuz it's just cute!
  Personally, pink isn't for me. I rarely like sappy romantic movies, can't stand "Sex in the City" and have mild panic attacks if I spend too much time in the American Girl store. But I looooove shoes. I enjoy getting dressed up and looking cute on occasion.
  So I say, Ladies, go out and look adorable. Let your daughter play with a Barbie and pink Legos. Just don't forget to make sure your little girl knows she can do what ever she wants!
Here's The Peanut with the pillow she made! She insisted her new battle ax be part of the photo. 


  1. Yeah, so I think any little girl who can simultaneously show off her handmade heart pillow and her toy battle ax (?!?!?!?) at the same time, is doing Just Fine.

  2. Yes, it is a toy. A Christmas present because she was destroying her dollar store swords fighting all those dragons, bad guys, and not-nice-pirates.

  3. She sounds completely awesome. :-)