Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost 20 Questions (I think) you should ask when deciding on a preschool

   I am not a professional. I am a mom that worked as a preschool teacher for almost 8 years. I won't tell you the "right" answer, these are just things I think you should consider. You know the what is right for you and your little one. They are not in any special order of importance.

1. What kind of curriculum is taught?

2. Who writes the lesson plans? (Does the planner have any knowledge about early childhood education?)

3. How is the curriculum implemented? (If the school hires someone with a degree to write a curriculum,  but the teachers don't follow through or care, what's the point)

4. How much free time/outside/get your wiggles out each day? (cause kids need to wiggle.Being forced to sit all day is just not good, if you ask me)

5. How big are the classes, what is the kid to teacher ratio? (smaller is better, especially with little bitty ones)

6. Teacher turnover? (The longer the teachers have been there, the more likely they are happy. Which means happier kids. Trust me)

7. Do teachers have degrees or experience working with preschoolers? (having a degree isn't important, but experience really makes a difference. Sure the girl right out of high school is energetic, but she's also more likely to not have a handle on tough situations.)

8. If the preschool is at a church, how much is faith a part of the daily activities? (Faith is a very personal thing, make sure you are comfortable with what your little one may be learning)

9. Are meals or snacks served? What kind of food is served? Are you OK with what your child may eat? Find out the policy on allergies, especially peanuts.

10. Do they allow drop in visits or require you to make an appointment?( I would never, ever trust a school that made me call ahead to visit/check in on my Peanut. Makes you wonder if anything shady is going on.)

11. What kind of security procedures are in place? Are they doors locked so random strangers cannot come in? What about an emergency, such as a crazy gunman? Does the school have a plan?

12. What are the rules for sick children? Are they actually followed? (and PLEASE follow the rules. Don't take your sick kid to school)

13. Rules and procedures for problem children? (Sometimes there are children that just can't be in a group setting. It's sad, but the safety of your child is important)

14. Discipline. What do the teachers do when kids fight, throw tantrums, act like kids? Is it something you can agree with?

15. Is the place clean and organized? Does it smell nice? (There are times when kids get stinky, but if the place reeks, EWW)

16. How much media are the kids exposed to? Do the teachers put on a movie every day and let the class zone? (I let my little one watch movies at home, but if I'm paying, I expect her to be taught. Not sitting in front of the TV all day)

17. If you have a little one still in diapers, does the school provide them with tuition? (Diapers aren't cheap. If a school supplies them, it may make tuition higher. Something to keep in mind when comparing schools)

18. Finally, do you like the place? Would you be comfortable leaving you little one in the care of these people? 

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