Wednesday, October 12, 2011

  Here is something that bothers me a bit. Parents that constantly complain how their kids ruined their lives.  I'm not talking about the occasional lament of I'd like to go out to dinner alone with my husband, but can't find a baby sitter. I mean
*WHINE* Whoa is me, kids are expensive, I can't go out clubbing all night when ever I want. I have to be careful where my money goes and have to buy the kid clothes instead of buying myself something I don't need.
  I don't feel sorry for them. AT ALL. Raising kids is hard. You make sacrifices, Cow-girl up and act like a grown up. It isn't like it is a great secret that having a family changes your life. There are television shows, movies, books, even the Johnson&Johnson "Having a baby changes everything" commercials all about family life.
  When you plan to have a family, you know things will change. If you don't, well honestly, I find you rather silly. You may not know exactly what life will be, but you have a general idea.
  Here's my thought. Instead of focusing on what you lost, think about what you've gained. Embrace the new phase in your life and enjoy your family. Oh and get a baby sitter and go clubbing.  Nothing makes you appreciate your new life like seeing just how annoying the singles scene is now.

Random photo: The Peanut discovered she likes eel! The sushi chef was so shocked and impressed, he made Peanut her a special eel sushi roll. Free of charge!!

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