Monday, October 24, 2011

Cloud Dough

  Two posts in one day! I just had to share this. It's so much fun.

Cloud Dough! I got the idea from Pinterest. Or maybe it was StumbleUpon. I don't know.  Anyhoo.

  The recipe I found was probably posted by a preschool teacher because her portions were huge. I scaled my down a bit.

Original Recipe
8 cups flour
2 cups baby oil

This amount would be great for a sensory table/center. 

My Scaled Down Recipe
2 cups flour
8ish tablespoons baby oil

Just mix in enough baby oil so the flour sticks together when you form a ball.

See, the dough is still crumbly but holds its shape when molded.

Not only does it smell good, it feels silky. 
An egg! 
A note: I would not recommend this to kids under the age of three. Unless they are good about not putting things in their mouth. Baby oil isn't exactly non-toxic. Teachers, this really is a great sensory experience. I would put out things you can use to make molds. Cookie cutters, plastic Easter eggs, cups, whatever. 

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