Monday, October 17, 2011

18 Year Old Me

I sometimes wonder what 18 year old me would think of 33 year old me. Would she be happy to see the sexy husband, the beautiful baby, and where life has taken us. Or would she be terrified that we became a stay home mom,  do homey type projects, and truly wished we could knit?

Eighteen year old me certainly didn't have life planned out. She had a vague idea of where she expected to be in 10+ plus years. She didn't see herself married. Not that she was against marriage, more she had a low self esteem and didn't think any one would want to marry her. She had a fuzzy vision of being a kindergarten teacher, living in a one bedroom apartment, maybe in Indianapolis, maybe not. Maybe a boyfriend, but it probably isn't serious.

Funny how life changes.

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