Saturday, September 24, 2011


Look at me! I'm blogging! This is so freaking fancy! All right. I'll rein in all the excitement. Well, not really at all because I want to talk about a Food Network and Cooking Channel "thing" I call the foodgasm. In case it's not self-evident, the foodgasm is when a tv chef/cook takes a bite of whatever they've just prepared and their eyes roll back in their heads. They put their head back a little bit and chew, with eyes closed and seemingly jizz in their pants. This is almost always followed by the words, "so good" (or some variation there of). I cook everyday (or nearly everyday). Sometimes new recipes, sometimes tried and true family favorites, but never anything that I think, "Hey, I'll bet this will make me experience a spontaneous orgasm". I get it, they're on tv and they're selling themselves, sometimes their product lines, and trying to stay on the air, but seriously. That cottage cheese pancake you just made was not THAT good.

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