Saturday, January 7, 2012

Queue Nerd Rage NOW!

  I don't get all the nerd rage about the Star Wars prequels. At all. Seriously. The movies aren't great, but are they really  THAT bad? What, exactly makes them so horrible? I would love to find some one that has never seen any Star Wars movie and has no preconceived ideas of the Star Wars world. Then I want them to watch them all and give an actual objective review.

  Oh, just so you know,  I think JarJar Binks is awful. I thought the Ewoks were stupid when I was a kid.

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  1. My nerd-rage has cooled somewhat in the intervening years, but I think what triggered it most about the prequels, and about Phantom Menace in particular was the lost opportunity. I honestly think if George Lucas had let others run with these - as he did with ESB and RotJ - we might have had another cultural touchstone at best and a damn fun space opera at worst.

    But, ridiculous (and possibly offensive) internet persona aside, a good explanation of the rage can be found here: