Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Which I Use a Glue Gun and Only Burn Myself Four Times

  It's been quiet at Singing Princess Astronaut. This SPA has been busy moving. The husband got a new job, moving us about 15ish minutes away. The new place is pretty effing awesome. 450 square feet bigger, recently beautifully remodeled. I'm quite excited and am loving it. The packing and unpacking was a PITA, but oh well.

  Anyhoo. Glue gun. Fuck you, glue gun. I finally did the Valentine's Day project I've said I was going to do for the last 4 years.  With much adult supervision, Peanut made Valentine's Day picture frames. With exception the 3 very minor burns and one slightly more painful burn (conveniently located on the tip of my index finger, making typing so much fun!)  it was an easy project.

  All we did was hot glue some conversation hearts (you know, the awesome heart shaped candies that taste just like heart burn medicine?) to a picture frame, coat with a bit of Modge Podge, add some glitter and Ta Da! Pretty Valentine's gifts for the family!
Not pictured, my burnt finger
Ta Da! 
Glitter makes it awesomer!

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